Welcome to this informative website about ECVM. On this website you can learn more about what ECVM stands for and how to register your horse into the database to help research! 

Feel free to contact us by email or to 
reach out to any of our listed experts and professionals if you have questions, need help and/or
advice for your horse with ECVM. 

Let's do this together! 


In 2013, renowned research Sharon May-Davis traveled to The Netherlands and taught us about the existence of ECVM - or Equine Complex Vertebral Malformation in horses. This condition is extremely complex in nature and as such needs further research. 


As such, the aim of this website is 4-fold: 
                - Providing an informative platform 
                - Furthering research through creating a world-wide database 
                - Connecting experts and professionals world wide 
                - To promote careful breeding practises and improve horse well-fare. 

On this website you can find numerous scientific articles, webinars & podcasts on ECVM. 

To further research efforts, you can also register your horse with ECVM into a world wide data base. We hope that by building this data base we can raise even more:

                  - Awareness

                  - Improve diagnostic methods

                  - Update the gene pool in order to be able to make even more careful choices in breeding

Finally, you can also find a list of world wide professionals and experts you can reach out to once
your horse is diagnosed with ECVM. These experts can assist you in providing information, management, therapy, and training solutions in order to manage your horse with ECVM in the best possible way. We hope wecan expand the list of experts and professionals on a regular bases!